Thursday, October 8, 2020

Handmade Watercolour Journals

 Handmade Watercolor Journals

I love making my watercolor journals! I always feel that I want more choices in the sizes of paper when I go to the store. By making your own or buying handmade not only you get a good quality paper in your watercolor journal/sketchbook but your are also producing or acquiring something unique. 

Honestly, It doesn't pay much to make the journals by hand, I still have to pay for paper, and other materials, but there is such a joy in making them and especially using them when you are out with your book painting or just working in your studio at home.

I like to use mostly 140lb paper. However, if I would like to put more pages in a book, I use 90lb watercolour paper. It all depends. I find even if I wanted to I cannot put too many signatures, because the book becomes bulky and very heavy. I find 6-7 signatures with double pages works the best. So 24 sheets will give you 48 pages to paint on. 

Here are some journal I just recently added to my online store. 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Fall colors in pinks, purples, blues and greens - all magical and handmade watercolors

 Fall colors in pinks, purples, blues and greens - all Magical and Handmade watercolors

When every year FALL comes, and everyone usually associates it with reds, yellows, oranges, I always get overwhelmed by the selection of other alternative colors that I would like to use to express this beautiful season. This time I have a combination of slightly muted but nevertheless beautiful and very interesting colors. 

Why not add some purple, deep blue, reds, gorgeous golden pinks and sparkling olive greens to your fall illustrations this year?

I would love to hear back from you guys to let me know what colors you like using when going away from traditional depiction of the Glorious Autumn and its season. 

In the meantime, I have these handmade watercolor sets available on my website. You are vry welcome to check them out:

DARK KINGDOM Set with 6 handmade watercolors. Available in LARGE and HALF pans.


Another super fun and beautiful handmade wataercolor palette by elenaartpages:

LAVENDER FLAME (6 gorgeous colors)

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Making my own watercolor books and art journals


There is something about handmade things, don't you think? I love just getting the paper and putting them together in my own, cute little watercolour book with my own custom cover and the paper that I prefer. 

What I like doing also is using different types of paper in one journal. It doesn't all have to be that same paper from one manufacturer. On the contrary, I love finding little surprises in my watercolor journal. Quite often I select 4-5 different (leftover ) paper sheets and bind them together.

There are some supplies that I use all the time, no matter what book I am binding - be it an art journal, watercolor book, recipe notebook or just a journal of my favorite paintings and sketches. 

Check out my favourite Bookbinding Kit I have on my website, if you are interested.

Bookbinding Kit Tool 17 pieces

It is a great set of tools for bookbinding, can be used to make your own handmade books and art journals. Enjoy the process with the right tools. This kit will also work for book restoration.

1 x Bone folder
1 x Crease marker
6 x Large-eye needles
1 x Clear needles bottle
2 x Curved needles
3 x Flat waxed thread
1 x Wood handle awl
1 x Sewing thimble
1 x Small scissors

Check it out HERE:

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Painting Peonies in Watercolour loose style

Peonies painting is sometimes intimidating, but I find it is an extremely helpful thing to approach the painting process exactly like I do everything else - loose style and not forgetting to have fun with it.

That's to me the most important thing. Once you forget that and start focusing on tiny details and worrying how un-realistic it will look because you didn't trace the photo, the whole things changes and becomes stressful. Nope, no thank you. That's not the way I do it.

Peonies just like all other flower became flowing and alive the second I forget about correct shapes and how many petals the blossom has and go with the flow. My painting flow is - to let the watercolor paint  and the brush do the work for me. I like using a medium, sometimes even a large brush and lots of water. Plus, not forgetting, of course, having a nice and juicy paint full of vibrant pigment: turquoise, quinacridone magenta, grass green, chromium green oxide, and hansa yellow. 

It does help to let the white show through the paint. However, since I do like to cover up my layers of paint, in this case just leaving a little white "halo" outline around the leaves and blossoms will do the trick - the light shines right through. Now who said that leaving all that white in the layers is a must?

Handmade Watercolour Journals

 Handmade Watercolor Journals I love making my watercolor journals! I always feel that I want more choices in the sizes of paper when I go t...